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From Cave to Computer

A New Perspective on the Homeopathic Miasms - Second Edition 2016

This stimulating book describes the origins of the homeopathic miasms through the eyes of social evolution. It links the aetiology of each miasm to a monumental change in the life experience of specific societies. Whilst never leaving the framework of homeopathic theory, the author translates the ideas of susceptibility and disease stimulus as well as the law of cure and maintaining causes to entire miasms.

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The Poisoned Well

Discovering the Homeopathic Genus Epidemicus of 21st Century Disease

In this sequel to "From Cave to Computer", the author presents an alternative view of chronic disease. Newly emerging conditions of the mind such as ADHD, OCD and autism, and also modern phenomena of the body such as MRSA and multiple allergies are put under the spotlight and interpreted using homeopathic principles such as the genus epidemicus and the vital force. A clear vision presents itself allowing the reader to grasp the fateful purpose of 21st-century chronic disease.

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Forever Yin

How the human mind creates, maintains or transcends chronic disease

How is our mind, the pinnacle of natural evolution, involved in producing chronic disease? What options do we have to reverse the process? These are the questions this book attempts to answer. After unraveling all the biological and environmental factors that make us sick, we arrive where the buck stops: in the human mind. It is here where natural evolution installed a virtual space we can use to create our own future, in sickness or in health.

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DIY Health Guide

This book is a no-nonsense guide to taking charge of your own health. Its aim is to give you just enough high-quality information to make very significant changes. 9 building blocks of health have been identified, each explained in their own chapter. Every building block is equally important, and following Maria's simple explanations enables you to take appropriate action towards building a healthier you.

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Can psora be cured?

If psora is the separation of yin and yang, can it be eliminated by the reunification of these two aspects of the human experience? As a holistic health practitioner, I have for a while been drawn to exploring the origins and evolution of chronic disease and I went back to the beginning of the human experience, to try to explore the question.

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Chronic diseases in the 21st century

At the beginning of the 21st century, chronic disease has penetrated into the DNA, the very core of our physicar existence. As we lose our foothold of faith in modern medicine, we stumble over a newly emerging group of conditions wreaking havoc in our brain, destroying our mental faculties. What are the lessons we can learn from this?

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