Frequently asked questions

1How do I know whether you can help me?
You may contact me by telephone or email to discuss this with me personally. I will only need a few minutes to see whether your personal problem is one that I believe I may be able to help you with. If I find that your problem has no chance of being improved by my programmes, I will let you know during this initial conversation or email. You also have the option to book in with me for your free initial meeting as specified on my "Fees" page. Please note that I ask everyone to seek medical advice before consulting myself.
2How long is the first consultation?
The first consultation may take up to 1.5 hours. Subsequent meetings are shorter, ie up to 45 minutes.
3What happens during the first meeting?
The first consultation’s purpose is to find out why in my opinion you have a particular problem or condition. I will establish this by simply guiding you through a number of questions and topics relating to your problem. Most people, even if a little apprehensive at first, soon relax and enjoy talking to someone who is open to listening to their health problems in detail.

All information patients give out - absolutely anything they say - is strictly confidential and will never be handed on to anyone else, not even their next of kin.

Please note there will be no physical examinations.

At the end of the consultation, I will let you know when you can expect to receive my written programme and any homeopathic remedies I may recommend. These will be sent by post, or may be collected in person from my clinic.
4How long does a course of treatments last?
This depends on how long you have had the condition. A rough guide is: one month for a problem you have had for one year, 6 months for a problem you have had for 6 years, 12 months for a problem you have had for 12 years. This is a rough guide only. However, it is my aim to let you know at the end of the first consultation to what extent I can help you and how long it may take.
5What does the nutrition part of your programme stand for?
It stands for the part of your life to do with food and drink. When I use my nutritional knowledge to help a person, I essentially look at what they eat and drink. Does their diet contain enough protein? Do they drink enough water? How many servings of fresh vegetables do they enjoy? Is their diet adequate in vitamins, minerals and omega 3 oils? Even if their diet is adequate, do they actually digest well or is a large percentage of nutrients lost due to poor digestion? I use the answers to these questions to establish whether their health problem may be triggered by a diet that has too little of what they need and/or too much of what they do not need.

My nutritional programmes are tailored for the individual with their particular problems. In some cases, I believe homeopathy is needed to complete the programme by addressing other factors such as genetic disposition.

My nutritional programmes will include detailed advice on what to eat and drink, on healthy meals and snacks, and on which supplements to take (if any at all).
6I would like to change my diet, but I simply cannot see myself munching through pounds of bland vegetables and boring grains. It would make me so miserable.
Don’t worry; I believe that food and drink should bring us pleasure, not pain. Trust me, you can forget a lot of the myths you have heard about healthy diets. You will be able to enjoy a variety of delicious foods including meat, fish, and eggs. There is no need to become vegetarian unless this is your preference. Also, there is no need to eat a large amount of whole-grains. I also promise you that you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and that the occasional glass of wine is still on the menu. So relax and give my personal recommendations a try, you may find yourself enjoying your food and never looking back!
7How can I motivate myself to change my diet? I always relapse into my old habits after a while.
This is very common and nothing to worry about at all. There are several strategies you can employ to overcome this problem and part of my job is to keep you on track.

First of all, even a 50% change is better than none. You are improving. Well done! And as much as 85% of compliance with your new diet may bring you most of the benefits you desire from it. There is no need to stick to it 100%. In fact, I would call this super-human.

The second strategy is actually a dietary strategy itself. Cravings are often due to a low blood sugar state which makes you reach for a quick fix. My programmes are designed to prevent this and give you healthy and tasty options (not bird food) for those times when you just need to eat. All you need to do is to reach for the healthy option and trust that in most cases the craving will have disappeared after you have had this. But remember, if you do succumb, just call this occasion part of your 15%- time-off the programme.
8What does the homeopathy part of the programme stand for?
Homeopathy is a complete system of alternative medicine, although at present there is no scientific evidence to suggest how it works. It was found over 200 years ago and since then has been steadily developed and improved. I believe modern homeopathy may help many physical as well as emotional symptoms. In the past 3 years I have been approached for help with the following symptoms diagnosed by medical doctors: asthma, eczema, hay fever, insomnia, depression, anxiety, colic, fevers, infections, learning disorders, molluscum, warts, ME, arthritis, psoriasis, acne, headaches, infertility, morning sickness, polycystic ovaries and many more.

In homeopathy, every symptom is seen as part of the whole person and never in isolation. The remedies aim to address the general state of well-being as well as the symptom the person came for.

The best course of therapy is established during the first consultation which lasts up to 1.5 hours. There are no physical examinations.

The consultation takes the form of a conversation between the practitioner and the patient. At their own pace, the patient is guided through a set of questions relating to their problem. At the end of the conversation, the practitioner will let the patient know whether and how much of improvement may be expected and how long it will take.

The therapy consists of a number of homeopathic medicines. These come in tablet or liquid form and will either be sent out by post or will be ready for collection a few days after the consultation.
9What are homeopathic remedies made of?
The  “remedies” come in tablet or liquid form. The tablets are made out of milk sugar or sucrose, and my liquid remedies are made of pure water with sugar tablets dissolved in it. The therapeutic properties of the remedies are created by dilution of substances found in the natural world. These diluted extracts are then mixed with the sugar tablets to give them their particular therapeutic properties.
10Do you specialise in help for any particular symptoms?
I do have some areas I am especially interested in and these are weight loss, and symptoms of eczema and neuro-dermatitis, psoriasis, chronic coughing, asthma, infertility, female hormonal issues, ME and Chronic Fatigue, children’s conditions (ear, nose, throat, molluscum, etc), infants’ conditions (teething, colic, feeding issues, nappy rash, etc), ADHD, depression, gluten sensitivity, and eating disorders.