What my clients say

  • Eczema around eyes and violent cough

    "Maria, you are the healer of healers. My daughter’s eyes are better, currently completely. Longest period she has gone without eruption. My cough too. Such a big difference. It lingered, but without the force or any unwellness. Thank you so much." M.N.
  • Sleep Issues

    "Since I began giving the drops, he stopped waking up at night! To me it's an unbelievable improvement after almost 4 years of waking 2-3 times every night!" H.G.
  • Persistent Cough

    "Maria was helping my daughter on a few occasions and her treatment has always been effective. The last case concerned a persistent cough my daughter was suffering from for over two months after having covid and a few subsequent colds. Maria gave us homeopathic drops and recommended some vitamins, and after a few days of taking it the cough stopped as if by miracle! Thank goodness. Thank you for your help, Maria, it is life changing." M.S.
  • General Health and Chronic Sinusitis

    “Our appointment had a profound impact on me. You have helped me to understand my body better. My sinuses and overall health are becoming better and better. Thank you so much; you have already helped me a lot! “ E.d. L.
  • Nutritional Advice

    “I must say that your diet was the best treatment I ever had.” Y.M.
  • Abdominal Pains

    My daughter complained for more than 6 months of stomach pains every evening. Reviewing her physical and emotional development, Maria quickly identified what the problem was and gave her a very good treatment. Within a week my daughter did not complain about tummy aches at all.
  • Pityriasis versicolour (Fungal skin condition)

    Since having random dark patches on my abdomen for many years, I  came to see Maria for help to diagnose and treat it. Maria instantly suspected that it was likely a fungal condition called Pityriasis versicolor, and after exploring the symptoms and my lifestyle, confirmed this was likely the case. She was incredibly thorough and took her time to cover all details, making sure I was comfortable throughout. After the appointment her communication was great and she gave me the perfect remedy which has completely cleared up the condition. I’m blown away by the effectiveness of the treatment and am so happy that after such a long time it’s now all clear. The best part is that being homeopathic, there are no side effects to worry about. I highly recommend Maria for any medical concerns.


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menstrual cycle irregularities



polycystic ovaries

vaginal infections

PAP smear test abnormalities



panic attacks

skin problems







panic attacks

sleep disorders

digestive complaints


skin problems

prostate enlargement

male fertility

high blood pressure

high cholesterol


weight management

blood sugar issues (diabetes)

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Maria Jevtic

Maria is a fully qualified homeopath with over 10 years of professional experience. She was awarded a BSc Honours in Homeopathy in June 2008 after completing 4 years of study at the Centre of Homeopathic Education and University of Middlesex.

Additionally, Maria trained for two years at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition and subsequently for two years at The Plaskett College for Nutritional Medicine where in 2001 she received her qualification "Diploma in Nutritional Therapeutics (D.N.Th.)" with distinction. Both institutes are highly respected training colleges for nutritionists.

Since December 2018 Maria holds the Statutory Heilpraktiker Licence to practice alternative medicine in Germany.

Maria has previous professional experience as a classical musician, having played with several British orchestras on a freelance basis. The culmination of her musical career was her 7-year membership of the viola section of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden where she enjoyed performing many operas, ballets and concerts.

Maria offers consultations in English or German.

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