Eczema around eyes and violent cough

"Maria, you are the healer of healers. My daughter’s eyes are better, currently completely. Longest period she has gone without eruption. My cough too. Such a big difference. It lingered, but without the force or any unwellness. Thank you so much." M.N.

Sleep Issues

"Since I began giving the drops, he stopped waking up at night! To me it's an unbelievable improvement after almost 4 years of waking 2-3 times every night!" H.G.

Persistent Cough

"Maria was helping my daughter on a few occasions and her treatment has always been effective. The last case concerned a persistent cough my daughter was suffering from for over two months after having covid and a few subsequent colds. Maria gave us homeopathic drops and recommended some vitamins, and after a few days of taking it the cough stopped as if by miracle! Thank goodness. Thank you for your help, Maria, it is life changing." M.S.

General Health and Chronic Sinusitis

“Our appointment had a profound impact on me. You have helped me to understand my body better. My sinuses and overall health are becoming better and better. Thank you so much; you have already helped me a lot! “ E.d. L.

Nutritional Advice

“I must say that your diet was the best treatment I ever had.” Y.M.

Abdominal Pains

My daughter complained for more than 6 months of stomach pains every evening. Reviewing her physical and emotional development, Maria quickly identified what the problem was and gave her a very good treatment. Within a week my daughter did not complain about tummy aches at all.

Pityriasis versicolour (Fungal skin condition)

Since having random dark patches on my abdomen for many years, I  came to see Maria for help to diagnose and treat it. Maria instantly suspected that it was likely a fungal condition called Pityriasis versicolor, and after exploring the symptoms and my lifestyle, confirmed this was likely the case. She was incredibly thorough and took her time to cover all details, making sure I was comfortable throughout. After the appointment her communication was great and she gave me the perfect remedy which has completely cleared up the condition. I’m blown away by the effectiveness of the treatment and am so happy that after such a long time it’s now all clear. The best part is that being homeopathic, there are no side effects to worry about. I highly recommend Maria for any medical concerns.


We haven't used any Calpol or Nurofen in months for my 17-month-old daughter, so I'm incredibly pleased that homeopathy is working so well for teething.

Severe period pains

This has been so fantastic - seeing my daughter go from pains where she sobbed to now, where she says she keeps forgetting that she is having a period. This is just amazing...

Osteoarthritis of the knees

I have been seeing Maria now for almost 6 months and the arthritis pains in my knees and joints elsewhere in my body have completely disappeared. My general health and mobility have improved dramatically and as a consequence, on an emotional level, I feel much happier. I will continue to see Maria to maintain my health levels. I am so very thankful to Maria for helping me so effectively with my health problems and I am always highly recommending her to my friends and family.

Toddler sleep problems

I contacted Maria because of my 2-year-old daughters difficulties around sleeping. The combination of homeopathic remedies & nutritional advice resulted in her sleeping patterns & behaviour improving within a very quick timescale. For this I am incredibly grateful to Maria & am so pleased we were able to do this with natural medicine. Throughout the process Maria was both warm and professional, responding promptly and helpfully to any queries. I shall definitely return to Maria in the future for any other health issues for myself or my family.

Bedwetting and fatigue resolved

My daughter was still wetting the bed at the age of 5. She was also feeling very tired all the time. Tired to the point of falling asleep while in school and Kumon classes. We decided to have a go at homeopathy and it worked wonders. She stopped wetting the bed just after a few days of the treatment and her energy level also improved a lot. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Homeopathy especially with Maria Jevtic who is an admirable professional.

Asthma and fertility

Maria has successfully treated my son’s asthmatic symptoms, hay fever symptoms, colds, fevers and infections with homeopathy. She also supported both my boys with homeopathic remedies throughout their vaccinations. In addition, I used her homeopathic remedies when recovering from a miscarriage and getting pregnant again. Maria has been very generous and helpful advising about nutrition and lifestyle. The 8 years that we have benefitted from her treatment, I have very much appreciated her availability and quick responding to email and telephone inquiries. I warmly recommend her.

Allergies and eczema

I have known Maria and receiving treatment from her for 4 years now. When my daughter was 6 months old she developed severe allergic reactions to food and dust mites. It was a real struggle for her and myself watching her suffering. I am so thankful for that day when I was referred to Maria by one of my friends whose son also had allergies and was treated by Maria. Since that time we have been using homeopathy only. It did wonders! The skin has cleared, the itchiness has gone and my daughter is slowly outgrowing her allergies with Maria's professional advice as a nutritionist as well. I don't know what I would have done without her help. Maria responds promptly to the emails and is always available over the phone which makes her services so reliable. I always recommend Maria with great confidence


I went to see Maria a few years ago because my daughter had molluscum (which went pretty quickly after she was treated). I chose her initially because she lives near me and her fee includes follow-up contact for a month which I think is very rare. She is very knowledgeable, professional and generous with her time and responds quickly to messages. I feel comfortable with her approach to health and trust her completely. I enjoy having an ongoing relationship as she has an overall view of my children's health which nobody else has. I've sought her opinion many times and her calm, objective comments have been hugely supportive.

Chronic cough resolved

Maria treated me for a persistent cough and recurrent chest infections, which I had suffered from for over 20 years. Since seeing her, my cough has completely disappeared and I have had not had a chest infection since (about six years). It felt like an almost miraculous cure - I cannot recommend Maria highly enough.

No more antibiotics

We started using Maria many years ago when we realised that traditional medicine was not helping our daughter's eczema. She was prescribed one steroid and emollient cream after the other only for eczema to come back within days of stopping the creams. After using homeopathic remedies for a month we noticed that her skin improved a lot and wasn't red and flaky anymore. We have been using homeopathic remedies to manage her condition since and she is in complete remission now. We have also used Maria to treat various acute conditions in both ourselves and our 2 children and can't be happier with the results. Maria's deep knowledge and expertise helped our daughter to stay away from antibiotics for years. The list goes on with the things she has helped our family. We are very grateful to have found her!

Eczema and skin allergy/hives better

I have known Maria for 4 years. My son was suffering from very bad eczema and food allergies. I was familiar with homeopathy because in my country it is a very popular approach to treat all types of disease, especially for children. I was lucky to meet Maria and she provided us with very professional treatment and a lot of moral support for me and my son. His skin is improved. His eczema started to be under control. Maria advised about diet and a number of healthy products to use daily and also about food supplements. We stopped using antibiotics & steroid creams which are not good for the immune system in general. From about age 18 months onwards, we feared that he might develop asthma, but luckily it passed and he is well now. I am very happy to say to Maria: ”Thank you very much!” , and I strongly recommend you to use homeopathy as an excellent alternative to treat your child from an early age.

Skin issues better

Maria has been helping our family for over 4 years and has really helped our son with his skin issues that he developed as a baby. The nutritional advice along with the homeopathic remedies that she prepares herself has been a real lifesaver when it comes to helping with any issues he has had. After trying a few different natural health practitioners in London, we were not really seeing much change and we were very lucky to have come across Maria. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone and we will definitely continue to use her services. Thank you for all your help and support over the past few years.


Thank you to Maria for helping address my health issues in a natural, non-invasive way. I have benefitted incredibly from the advice and remedies that Maria has given me and I continue to use them daily. Maria is professional, relaxed & open and her ability to interpret my needs has been outstanding! I have recommended and continue to recommend Maria to many. Maria is an experienced & knowledgeable Homeopath and I would turn to her for solutions to any health issues that I have in the future.


I was really pleased to find Maria Jevtic, my local homeopath in Wimbledon. My daughter and I have been treated by Maria for various ailments like eczema, stress and hay fever. She is very knowledgeable and professional and we can highly recommend her as a homeopath and as someone who I totally trust.


Maria has treated me for psoriasis for many years now, with an incredible degree of success. Whilst Maria is very thorough, a chronic (autoimmune) condition like this takes time to treat. I've had psoriasis for over twenty years. Maria has also treated me for other minor issues with an equivalent degree of success. When you're looking for a new Homeopath (as I was), it's hard to know how things will work out, but I've been really impressed with Maria's attention to detail - we often have wide-ranging discussions on a number of topics, resulting from her holistic approach to treatment. I would highly recommend Maria and am grateful for the persistence and flexibility showed to date.


Maria has a professional and insightful approach to holistic care. Her approach is one that seeks to find the root cause of symptoms and treat the issue from where it begins. She has taken great care in getting to know me and my lifestyle. Over time, I learned of her exceptional Homeopathic, Nutritional and worldly knowledge that has been crucial in helping me to manage and overcome symptoms of the physical and mental challenges that I often face. Contacting Maria has been easy and her response to any emails or correspondence has been prompt and courteous. I am forever grateful for her sympathetic support and understanding as she has helped to ease some of the stresses of life that a mother of four small children often has to contend with.

Recurrent colds/coughs

Maria helped my son get over a continuous winter cold. She took the time to really listen to absolutely everything which in itself was therapeutic as it makes you remember things that are important and you would have otherwise forgotten. She then gave us some drops which my son had to take once a day. At first, they didn't work which is all part of the process as she reassessed his symptoms and reaction and told me to give him something else. Within a few hours, his cough had gone. I was shocked that one tiny drop could have that effect. It was then an ongoing procedure as he had to change drops as certain symptoms reappeared but Maria was there on the other end of the phone/email all the way. My son has now been so much better and has no more coughs or colds at the moment so fingers crossed it continues like that and if not I know Maria will there to sort it. She really does know what she's doing but most of all cares. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Miscarriage and fertility

I first saw Maria in 2014 having suffered a miscarriage and was having trouble physically and emotionally getting back on my feet. I found her to be very calming - her knowledge of health from a holistic perspective is excellent and with her help, I got onto the right supplements and started some homeopathy for my anxiety. Within a few months, I was pregnant again and she guided me throughout with ongoing advice about diet and supplements until my son was born early 2015. Maria provides excellent client communication and responded very quickly via email regarding any questions I sent her. I always felt I learned a lot from our appointments together which often ran over time as we covered so much material. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as an excellent nutritionist and homeopathy practitioner.