Homeopathy for Hay Fever
May 21, 2019
Homeopathy for a chronic cough
September 9, 2019
Homeopathy for Hay Fever
May 21, 2019
Homeopathy for a chronic cough
September 9, 2019

Homeopathy for Recurring Infections

A highly effective natural solution


omeopathy can break the pattern of recurring infections. If consistently used over a course of 3-9 months, homeopathy can reduce the number and severity of infections. In most cases, homeopathy can stop recurring infections altogether.

After successful treatment, the patient would still experience a very low number of colds. Very young children should have a few high temperatures every year. But these should be mild and short-lived and no antibiotics or other medications should be required. The reason for this is that our immune system needs regular practice in order to be highly efficient.

What is considered normal?

It would be considered normal in adults to have up to 2 colds per year, but not a named infection such as an ear infection or tonsillitis. In younger school age children, we would see some short-lived colds and 2-3 episodes of high temperature per year (2-3 days each), but not severe enough to give antibiotics or any other medication. In toddlers we would consider it normal to have up to 4 episodes of a high temperature and a few additional mild colds. But again, no named infections of the ear, throat or chest, and definitely no UTIs.

Anything more often or severe enough to require antibiotics would mean the immune system would benefit from a specific immune boosting treatment.

What are recurring infections?

Many children, but also some adults, have the tendency to suffer from the same type of infection again and again. This is especially the case for some toddlers who every autumn and winter tend to go from one infection to the next. It is not uncommon to see a string of ear infections or tonsillitis, and some children have had 10 courses of antibiotics before they even start school.

Alternatively, in adults we often see 1 course of antibiotics per year for the same type of infection year after year, usually tonsillitis or a chest infection. And some women tend to suffer from recurring UTIs for large parts of their adult life.

What is the problem with conventional treatment for recurring infections?

The main issue with conventional treatment for recurring infections is that only the infection itself can be treated, but not the problem of recurrence. Each incidence of infection is treated with anti-inflammatories, fever reducing medicines, pain killers and/or antibiotics, but these cannot prevent the next infection coming along. The reason is that contributing and underlying factors such as nutritional deficiencies or lack of sleep and fresh air are not addressed. Also, conventional medicine cannot resolve constitutional traits that may be contributing to a weakened immune system in the way homeopathy can.

In tonsillitis we see an exception to this, as the last resort is usually to remove the tonsils. However, a good homeopath recognises that the underlying reason for the frequent episodes of tonsillitis have not been treated. In some cases, where the tonsils have been removed, we therefore see a worsening of the general health and well-being, because if a patient continues to for instance have nutritional deficiencies these will sooner or later manifest in other symptoms.

The underlying causes of recurring infections

Expert homeopathy explores the reasons why the immune system is weakened. There are lifestyle factors to consider, such as poor sleep, chronic stress, over-exposure to air pollution, smoking, or under-exposure to sunlight. The diet may be deficient in vitamins or iron, or excessive in sugar and omega 6 fats. Some people have undiagnosed allergies, dental issues or lingering hidden infections which weaken their defences. There may have been a head injury in the past or an unresolved emotional trauma. A sedentary lifestyle also does not help, and so there are many issues and factors that can come together over the course of weeks, months or even years.

In many cases, even if we address the more obvious lifestyle factors, we are still left with too many incidents of infection. This is why we need expert homeopathic treatment, because homeopathy can address underlying inherited or constitutional weaknesses that have nothing to do with what has happened to the patient during their own lifetime. There may be toxins that have affected a child during pregnancy, or particular family traits that have been inherited from previous generations.

Homeopathic treatment for recurring infections

A good homeopath will take time to explore all the issues involved and explain to the patient how to address these whenever possible. Apart from informing and encouraging the patient to make changes in their lifestyle, the treatment may involve nutritional supplements, a change in diet, reasonable exercise and sleep recommendations, and of course homeopathic medicines.

The treatment aims to gradually build up the strength of the immune defence by paying attention to what a human being needs in order to be strong and healthy. This involves addressing all physical, but also emotional and mental, and in some cases even spiritual elements of health. A good homeopath will recommend other therapies and other health care providers when this seems required, such as for instance osteopathy or counselling. And it is always important that conventional medical supervision is in place.

Homeopathic remedies for recurring infections

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances such as plants and minerals. These are highly diluted and administered as pills, powders or liquids. The aim of the treatment is to improve the health of the patient in such a way that medicines will not be required anymore. This means that homeopathic medicines will be taken for a while and then slowly reduced and stopped as the patient’s health improves.